“In the Loop” episode containing criticism of CPS inexplicably delayed by City Colleges administration

 WYCC viewers across Chicago are disappointed with the sudden ‘delay’ of the season premier of In The Loop.  The program was ready (and promoted) for tonight’s 7pm time slot, with the entire show devoted to the financial meltdown and educational policy debate at Chicago Public Schools.  An extensive interview I sat down for with Robin Robinson is prominently featured in the segment, along with numerous others representing varying views on the current state and direction of the city’s public school system.  A panel discussion was also planned, including newly appointed CPS Board Member Frank Clark and Sun Times Columnist Mary Mitchell.

The program is now “on hold” for reasons not being publicly disclosed, but sources say there is some sort of procedural dispute between the station and the City Colleges of Chicago.  WYCC is a PBS affiliate, with the license held by City Colleges.  City Colleges does not have editorial control of the station (per FCC rules), but does administer the budget.

Canceling a show on the eve before it is scheduled to broadcast is a very unusual and drastic move. With the content tied to the opening of the school year, it’s uncertain if this program will air at all if the delay extends beyond next week.  Stay tuned.

WYCC statement on social media platforms;
“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the premiere of season 6 of In The Loop will be delayed. We apologize to everyone who was eagerly anticipating the launch. We are working hard to remedy the situation and will share updated news as soon as it’s available. Thank you for your support”.

6 thoughts on ““In the Loop” episode containing criticism of CPS inexplicably delayed by City Colleges administration

  1. Wow. Hard to imagine who’s behind it. Reminds me of when the Smothers Brothers episode critical of the Vietnam War was abruptly cancelled.

  2. It seems that Rahm Big Brother has reared its ugly head once again. I wonder if PBS will have something to say about this.

  3. The City Colleges chancellor is a Rahm appointee whose national kudos have resulted from Rahm and other propaganda. I wouldn’t believe for a minute that anything called “public” radio or TV at this point is “independent.” WTTW blacklisted me 20 years ago after I kept talking facts while their Board member (and financial angel) Martin Koldyke was spouting the corporate “reform” nonsense of that era. Back then, the sure fire fix was “small schools” — but only for inner city black and brown kids. When I pointed out that it was racist to demand “small schools” but not smaller classes or more resources for the inner city schools like Bowen (where I taught), Koldyke went nuts with “data” from my alma mater — the University of Chicago’s “graduate school of social work” (don’t ask me how they became propagandists for corporate “reform,” but they are still in business doing a different version this year!).

    The current school boards of Chicago — City Colleges and Board of Education — are currently both overseen by Black business people. Clark at CPS. Hyman at City Colleges. Both appointed by Rahm. Any other questions?

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