Holding a Mirror Up for Our Unelected Board of Education

My intense passion for ensuring all Chicagoans get to realize their god-given potential was on full display at the Chicago Board of Education yesterday. The Chicago Principals and Administrators Association will be releasing new research on rampant discrimination against our most vulnerable students: children of color who need special education services. I gave a preview of the grotesque findings of that research at the July Meeting of the Chicago Board of Education. We don’t have to play this zero sum game. With the right leadership–and a public willing to hold leadership accountable–we can realize the potential of all our children.

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2 thoughts on “Holding a Mirror Up for Our Unelected Board of Education

  1. Excellent! I’m so glad there are more than one voice letting the public know just how underhanded the CPS’s brass are towards their educators, the same educators they need in order to see and achieve success for the school system, but most importantly, for ALL of the children who attend CPS schools and not just the ones live in certain zip codes. Thank you so very much for bringing up what is done at the disservice to the people of Chicago and also challenging the status quote.

    1. THANK YOU on behalf of all students, parents, families, and teachers/staff that continue to work toward equity in education!
      Like you, I believe this a miscarriage of justice! All of the unelected School Board should resign!

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